Who’s Robin and Why Did He Lay an Egg?

Jingle bells

Batman smells

Robin laid an egg…

When I think of “Jingle Bells” my mind automatically defaults to the Batman version above.  Batman definitely smells and Robin is an egg-laying fool.  This is what I learned growing up. I knew that Robin was a bit of a weak side-kick and that egg-laying seemed like a viable pastime for him.  While Batman was out saving the day, Robin would be at home laying eggs for dinner.

But what do children today think of when they sing the Batman parody of Jingle Bells?  They definitely know who Batman is, but what about Robin?  He’s been out of action for many years.  Do children wonder why they are singing about the Dark Knight in one line and then in the very next line about  a simple robin laying an egg?  It’s such a strange juxtaposition.  Do today’s children even think about this or do they accept the song as it is without question? I wonder…

I do know that as a child I accepted “elemeno” as the letter between “k” and “p” until halfway through grade 1.  It wasn’t until I asked my teacher to point to “elemeno” on an alphabet sheet, and she stared blankly back at me, that I learned the error of my ways.

Acceptance can be a wonderful thing sometimes.  Just think of how delightful it would be if there was an adorable little robin laying eggs in a future Batman movie, or if “elemeno” was officially added to the alphabet.

Here’s a fun rendition of the Jingle Bells, Batman Smells parody. Enjoy!


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