A Letter To 2013 Toronto Blue Jays Fans

Dear 2013 Toronto Blue Jays fans,

IMG_1713I’m not sure if you have thought about this yet or not, but we have a major predicament for the 2013 season. Sure the roster looks amazing, but did you realize we now have 2 Josés?  Who will we be chanting for when we sing “José, José, José…” (to the tune of “Olé, Olé, Olé”)? We surely can’t chant it for both players. That would just be ridiculous.ModernHouseDad Jose vs Jose

Yes, it’s true Canada once had 2 CFL teams in an 8-team league both named the “Roughriders” (or “Rough Riders”), but let’s please not double up on our José chants. We are BETTER than that!

I am suggesting José Bautista keeps the “José, José, José” chant since he is our tried and true veteran, and that we immediately start the process of thinking of chants for José Reyes so that we don’t embarrass ourselves on opening day.

Here’s an idea to get us started:

We chant, “José, José, Reyes!” to the tune of “We Will Rock You” while we stomp and clap. Yes, this sounds a little silly, but it’s surely better than repeating the same chant twice.

Please leave your ideas in the comments section. Let’s solve this problem now, before its TOO late!

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