Makeshift Entertainment #1: Escalators

As my 19-month-old son develops I have noticed that he has an amazing ability to transform every-day environments into adventure-lands, and everyday objects into magical fun-generating devices.  

As a result, I have decided to start a series of posts entitled “Makeshift Entertainment”. Each post will document an environment or object that my son has transformed for the betterment of mankind (or at least for betterment of toddlerkind). 

Today’s Object: The Escalator

An escalator is a set of stairs that moves between levels of a building. Plain and simple. Plain and boring. no dada no

escalator yay

After taking my boy up and down the escalator for half an hour straight, I agree with his position.

If you think like a toddler, here’s why escalators are exciting:

  1. You recently learned to climb and descend the stairs at home. You took comfort knowing that stairs don’t move as you reached and grasped for grip. But now… [POP]… your little brain has just exploded as you learn that stairs CAN move. What’s next?  An undergarment to replace diapers?? moving stairs
  2. Not only can stairs move, they can magically disappear. disappearing stairs
  3. People get larger or smaller as you go up and men
  4. There are monsters at either end of the escalator and you need to outsmart them so that you’re not eaten.escalator monster
  5. You go up and down without actually doing anything. It’s a modern miracle and you take pride letting everyone know your direction of movement. escalator up and down
  6. People laugh at you and you don’t even have to break out your “A” material. escalator joke

Conclusion: RUN, don’t walk, to your nearest mall today and take your kids on an escalator ride! It’s the least you can do (literally)!

Disclaimer: Our family is a proud supporter of Schindler escalators. Always have been. Always will be. Schindler… ride with pride.

11 thoughts on “Makeshift Entertainment #1: Escalators

  1. I like the illustration on running away from the monsters. Yes, escalator combs can cause injury and toe amputation. Also, there are gaps are the sides of the escalators children need to keep their foot away from, especially if they are wearing Croc sandles./shoes.


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