Kid-Certified Toronto Restaurants: Pizzeria Libretto

pizza librettoAre you a Toronto parent looking for a hip, quality restaurant that you can take your kids to? If so, Pizzeria Libretto may be what you’re looking for.

Pizzeria Libretto specializes in Neapolitan thin-crust pizza using fresh, local ingredients. Their pizzas are cooked in their ridiculously hot wood-fired ovens.  These ovens are able to cook pizzas in 90 seconds at a temperature of 900 degrees.  If you are a parent you should be salivating.

droolYes, you drool over the menu of antipasto, assaggini, pizza, and dolci, but you full-on drop puddles of saliva over the potential of 90-second pizzas.

Here’s why:

You sit. Your kid sits. Boom. Crayons and an activity sheet appear. Your order is taken. Your kid makes a few scribbles and starts to get antsy. Boom. Focaccia bread, olive oil, and vinegar appear. Your child mows through the bread. Boom. Your pizzas are ready.  The efficiency and the speed of service at Pizzeria Libretto is perfect for parents of toddlers whose attention span is as short as the time it takes to fully cook a pizza.attention span of child

Pizzeria Libretto also comes fully equipped with change tables in the women’s AND men’s washrooms. An added bonus is the moveable step that your kids can use to independently reach the librettopizza libretto

ModernHouseDad beer and a crayonKid-certified essentials you’ll find at Pizzeria Libretto:

  • high-chairs
  • booster chairs
  • crayons and activity sheets
  • pre-meal bread
  • change tables
  • room for strollers
  • kid’s menu
  • booster step for sink

My 19-month-old son officially gives Pizzeria Libretto a two-thumbs-in the mouth.

thumbs in mouth
 Locations in Toronto:
Do you know of any kid-friendly Toronto restaurants? Let me know in the comments section. I’d love to try them out and possibly review them.

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