A Near Hit






His weapon concealed

Beneath the water.

Out of sight,


To those who love him most.


“Up, up,”

“Up, up.”

He looks for an ally

For his coming crime –

A partner

To help carry out his bidding.

“Up, up,”

“Up, up.”


Two hands extend.

Two more hands reach out.

From the water he arises

Like a liquid hyena –

Smirk upon his face,

Cackle from his hinged-open jaw.


Two feet touch down,

And hell breaks loose.



Stomp, stomp, stomp!

Death to the carpet.

A near hit to my foot.


near hit

2 thoughts on “A Near Hit

  1. Hahaha. I was hoping this was what I thought it was when I saw it on Facebook, and it is. Although I was thinking more along the lines of you almost got peed on, so this is actually better than I was expecting.

    More disgusting also.


    1. Yes… Pretty gross. I tried to flower it up with poetry, but it’s a tough sell :). It was really funny when it happened though. He was cackling like a maniac and stomping around – thinking he had just done the funniest thing in the history of bathing.


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