Makeshift Entertainment #3: iPad Camera App

toddler ipadWhile there are many fun and engaging iPad apps for children of all ages, my
20-month-old son’s current favourite is the camera app. You may be thinking, Wow, the boy is ahead of his time honing his photography skills at such a young age. Such a statement would make me puff out my chest in pride for the little guy, though I’m a little unclear on the extent of his talent at this point.

After watching the clip below please help me understand what is going on. Does my son have super-human eyesight capable of seeing microbes in motion or is he engaged in some form of makeshift entertainment?

9 thoughts on “Makeshift Entertainment #3: iPad Camera App

    1. I was chatting with a friend and he too had discovered folders full of identical pictures taken by his children when they were younger. Have you had a similar experience?


    1. He is very musical… And that clicking sound is intoxicating. I think… [click, click, click…] I’m feeling a little loopy.


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