The Wait

The wait for your child’s birth is not always easy, but sometimes forces beyond your control help you along the way.

One of my dad’s favourite things to say was, “What you always running around for? Take it easy.” the wait

A few weeks ago, my wife, son, and I were “running around” frantically trying to catch a flight to see my dad for what would turn out to be his last days. Hours before his passing, he touched my wife’s belly and we could feel the energy pass between him and our soon-to-arrive daughter.

Along with the energy that transferred, I’m convinced the message of “take it easy” did too. I say this because our daughter arrived a week late (and almost exactly 1 month after my dad passed on). You must be thinking, “A week late? Big deal.” You are 100% correct in your thinking, but to my wife and I who are time management freaks it seemed like an eternity. the wait

In fact, I started thinking that my wife was plotting against me and that I would have to change the kitty litter forever.the wait

She, on the other hand, was convinced she was going into labor each and every night.the wait

And our son got so tired of waiting that he fell asleep with his bum in the air to emphasize his displeasure.the wait

The day my wife actually did go into labor was the day we “took it easy” and gave up all sense of planning and control. I looked forward to the coming induction date and my wife decided to indulge herself with an order of loukoumades, a 2 hour nap, a bacon and chicken sandwich, and a pedicure. Upon full indulgence, she went to pick up our son from childcare and that’s when the contractions started.

We acted like it was no big deal in front of my son, and our moms, who were at home waiting for us. the wait

Once we made it to the delivery room and our midwife arrived I was able breathe more easily. My wife elected for an epidural and she too was able to soon relax.the wait

We listened to music and chatted. It was nice. I felt like I should have brought us a six-pack. Eventually, the monitor that my wife was attached to showed that the contractions were coming quicker and staying for longer. It was time to push.







our beautiful baby girl arrived!

The wait was worth it. Thanks, Dad, for your continuing wisdom. We are so proud of our newest addition to the family. She has an easy disposition and I know she will teach us many new virtues.

Relax. Take it easy. But now, yes now, the running around begins (at least for a while).

the wait

7 thoughts on “The Wait

  1. A very big congrats to you and your wife on your million dollar family… All the best on the adventures to come. Enjoy your new addition.


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