Top Google Searches For In 2013

modernhousedad-headersize5.jpgIt’s been about a year since I started One of the best things about having a website is finding out about how people arrive at your site. People search for ridiculous things. Below are my favourite google searches that brought people to this year.  I truly hope people found what they were looking for.

Top Google Searches For In 2013:

  1. “How to be cheeky” – I have a British following searching for insight on how to be cheeky. Apparently there is an art to cheekiness.  I learned everything I know from a cheeky little engine named Thomas.Cheeky Sickly Thomas
  2. “How to be chicky” – It doesn’t matter if you can’t spell “cheeky” because “chicky” brought up the same results for one lucky bloke.
  3. “Chinese gender calendar” – Don’t waste money on 3D ultrasounds. You can find out the sex of your baby here.ModernHouseDad Chinese Gender Calendar
  4. “Feline PTSD” – Apparently I have become a bit of an authority on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in cats.  Who knew so many people were worried about cat psychosis? This post gets multiple daily hits.ModernHouseDad stairs stomp
  5. “Who did the blue jays play in regina sask” – I don’t remember either, but what a great experience it was for me as a kid. Following this post, I had a “twitter conversation” with my childhood hero, Roberto Alomar.  Unbelievable!Roberto Alomar signs my hat in regina saskatchewan canada
  6. “Watch your shadow physically” – I’m still trying to figure out what this means, but here is where the searcher landed.discovering your shadow
  7. “Vomit stained skin child” – Need I say more? This is by far my favourite search term of the year (and it was my favourite post to write).ModernHouseDad Vomit
  8. “Regina rough rider wind socks” – Nope… no wind socks here.ModernHouseDad Taylor Field Baseball
  9. “Can someone get sick being egocentrism” – I certainly hope not. I do know, however, that grandparent egocentrism brought my wife to her knees. morning sickness
  10. “Thomas and friends drug innuendo” – Boum chicka boum boum. Don’t inhale the steam.
  11. “Are you allowed to have vanilla porter during pregnancy” – It depends on your doctor. Details can be found here.IMG_1500
  12. “Seductive archives” – Oh baby… these archives are über seductive!love heat
  13. “Escalator joke” – What did the escalator say to the elevator? I’m taking Prozac for my ups and downs. moving stairs
  14. “Cartoon flatulence sounds” – Animated gas is rancid. Cartoonists have an uncanny talent for over-exaggeratation.ModernHouseDad Fart Sounds
  15. “Brutus Beefcake Rob Ford” – No joke needed for this one. Rob Ford has a knack for that.
  16. “Why are fwthets not allowed in ultrasound” – It seems fwthets and fathers experience the same fate when when it comes to the ultrasound room.  20121219-114541.jpg
  17. “Can a grandparent experience morning sickness” – Definitely not. The only thing my mother experiences is massive biceps and and a wrinkle free face.ModernHouseDad ClassicMom Carded
  18. “Grandmother makes son were dresses” – Somehow I feel like this person knows me personally.  Another link-back to “Grandparent Egocentrism”.  dad and son
  19. “Eyelash display rack for sale” – Boy do I have the perfect display rack for you. makeshift road
  20. “I peed on the floor” – Yes… keeping things classy as always. makeshift entrainment 5 peeing on the floor

So there you have it. Those were my favourite top google searches for this year.  I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. Keep plugging in bizarre word combinations for next year!  

3 thoughts on “Top Google Searches For In 2013

  1. I love these kinds of posts. I especially like that someone searched, “I peed on the floor.” Very classy indeed. And I liked the specificity of the “Vanilla Porter during pregnancy.” Vanilla Porter is ok, all other booze is a nono.


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