The Survivor

The following is the eulogy that my sister and I wrote for our father who recently passed away. He was a holocaust survivor and man of strength, generosity, and character. His spark for life, charisma, and the twinkle in his eye live on. Our dad was a survivor. I once asked him how he was able […]

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Discovering Your Shadow

Watch your toddlers closely. The moment I am about to describe will come, then pass quickly. You don’t want to miss it. It’s a life-defining moment. A moment in which your child’s true nature is briefly revealed to you. Will they stay? Will they run? Will they laugh? Will they cry? Will they put up […]

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Motivating Boys to Read

There is growing data showing a difference in academic motivation and achievement between school-age boys and girls. Gender appears to matter. Dr. Leonard Sax in his book, Boys Adrift, hypothesizes that boys lack motivation for several reasons including a decline in experiential learning at school and a focus on learning from books. He also talks […]

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Walk-By Parroting

Toddlers go through a stage of repeating what they hear others say as they learn new vocabulary and build their linguistic skills. They also go through a stage of egocentrism around the same time meaning that they believe others see, hear, and experience the world the same as they do (for further information see my […]

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Unintentional Innuendo

As parents we often appreciate when animated movies or TV shows add adult-targetted jokes. These jokes provide us with a special moment to chortle away and feel superior about our vast understanding of humour. While our children bust a gut over someone falling down, we take pride in the fact that we “get it” when […]

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The Danger of Routines

It’s easy to fall into a pattern of routines with toddlers.  For me, I bathe my son, put on his pajamas, let him play for a while, provide him with a bedtime snack, brush his teeth, and put him to bed. In the process of our nightly routine, my son has his own routines: Bath: […]

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Grandparent Egocentrism

According to Jean Piaget’s stages of child-development, children enter the “Preoperational Stage”, and a state of egocentrism, at the age of 2. Egocentrism refers to a child’s inability to take the perspectives of others. Children at this stage of development believe others experience the world the same as them. This includes thinking the same thoughts, […]

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