A Near Hit

  Sneaky, Sly, Stealth. His weapon concealed Beneath the water. Out of sight, Imperceptible, To those who love him most.   “Up, up,” “Up, up.” He looks for an ally For his coming crime – A partner To help carry out his bidding. “Up, up,” “Up, up.”   Two hands extend. Two more hands reach […]

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Makeshift Entertainment #1: Escalators

As my 19-month-old son develops I have noticed that he has an amazing ability to transform every-day environments into adventure-lands, and everyday objects into magical fun-generating devices.   As a result, I have decided to start a series of posts entitled “Makeshift Entertainment”. Each post will document an environment or object that my son has […]

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It’s Bedtime. It’s Stage Time!

Do you have a toddler? Does his or her bedtime routine include crying, hiding in corners, and going Ultimate Warrior on the side of the crib? For many toddlers this has become their reality as they seek autotomy and control over their environments. Once the crying stops, however, that’s when things REALLY get interesting. It’s […]

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