Ultrasound Experience for Dads in Toronto: Round 2

ModernHouseDad vs Ultrasound 2

It’s time for round 2!  Will we or won’t we find out the sex of our child? Will it be a better dad experience than last time (click here for my previous experience).  Oh the suspense.

This time things are different — I don’t expect to be allowed into the ultrasound room immediately; I don’t believe the technician will tell us the sex of our future child; and I have finished all of the Angry Birds Christmas levels, thus having no more pigs to smash as I wait. Last ultrasound appointment I started with high hopes and this time I start with no hope. Dads of Toronto beware… the ultrasound room is out to get you!

ModernHouseDad Twiddle Fire[Twiddle]


My thumbs are bored of spinning around each other as I wait to join my wife in the ultrasound room. A few more twiddles and I’ll start a twiddle fire.

I get called in. The technician is capable of human communication this time… a good sign. She shows us everything, though the baby is turned in such a way that we mostly see spine. Skull and spine… what a rockstar.  Things are looking more promising. 
ModernHouseDad UltraInChains


Here come the GENITALS… and it’s a….

…nother big question mark, but it may be a girl. No certainty, but it may well be a girl according to the technician. My wife is ready to dance on the ceiling. I sit calmly and over-think everything:

  • ModernHouseDad UltraInChains w SandwichWas that sandwich-looking smudge a vagina?
  • Why can’t she say with certainty that it’s a girl?
  • Why was this technician allowed to tell us the sex while the other technician in the very same clinic was not?
  • Why am I  thinking so much?

My recommendation for Toronto dads:

Forget about trying to find out the sex of your child in an ultrasound. Instead, rely on the Chinese gender predicting calendar (click here to try it for yourself). It correctly predicted the sex of our first child, our friends’ children, and it retroactively predicted I would be male and my wife female. It also predicts that our next born child WILL be a girl (yay).

Forget science.  Forget ultrasounds. Trust the wisdom of the Chinese and rest easy. ModernHouseDad Chinese Gender Calendar



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