How Bananas Evolve For Our Kids

How do bananas evolve for our kids? If you are a parent, I’m sure you’ve become a master banana preparer by now.  If you haven’t yet, you’ll be there soon.  Bananas evolve in several ways.  Typically, we start by presenting our kids with banana-mush and we work up to the goal of having them eat […]

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Toddler Philosophy

  A wise man once said that children are closer to God as they enter the world free of any preconceived notions of how the world works. As they grow into toddlers their philosophy of life becomes apparent. I’ve taken careful note to write down some of the profound quotes my 2-and-half-year-old has provided over […]

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Repetition and The Gummy Bear Song

Do you know the Gummy Bear Song?  Here’s an experiment – try playing this song just once for your child. It’s impossible! Children love repetition. Parents? It depends. I like the idea of $100 bills repetitively replenishing my wallet and personal sushi chefs slicing raw fish in the kitchen all day to feed me on […]

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Christmas Excitement

I’m not going to lie – there’s a lot of Christmas excitement in our house this year thanks to my son.  I might look like this on the outside, But I feel like THIS on the inside – My son is now at the age where he is starting figure out that Christmas is different from other […]

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Family-Specific Vocabulary

Children make interesting connections as they learn to express their thoughts. This is a normal part of learning to communicate. Children learn vocabulary and linguistic rules and try to apply this information as best they can in novel situations. For example, your child may learn that the pet in the house with 4 legs, fur, and a tail is […]

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