Casting Call for Dad Documentary Series in Toronto

I’ve been contacted by a Toronto-based production company looking for dads to participate in a documentary series in Toronto. The series aims to explore the changing roles of dads in modern families. If you are a renegade dad who likes to shatter “traditional social roles,” I urge you to read the casting call below and email the production company. Let’s showcase the “evolution of dad” in Toronto! Casting Call for Dad Documentary Series in Toronto

Casting Call:

Are you a GTA dad with a point of view? Are you the best dad you know?  Are you an overwhelmed dad who wants to do better? 

A Toronto-based television production company is seeking dynamic dads with a particular outlook on raising kids.

We are developing a documentary series featuring diverse dads from all walks of life. Working dads, stay-at-home dads, weekend dads, ultra-involved dads and even dads who feel like they don’t know what they are doing!

The series will represent the ever-evolving roles within modern families and highlight the REAL challenges faced by fathers. Through real life dad stories – and real-life dad humour – the series will confront the commonly held notion that gender is indicative of parenting ability.

To apply or find out more, please reply with a description of yourself, your family, your parenting style, and any other interesting facts that would make you a good candidate.

Please Contact The Production Company At:


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