It’s Bedtime. It’s Stage Time!

Do you have a toddler? Does his or her bedtime routine include crying, hiding in corners, and going Ultimate Warrior on the side of the crib?

ModernHouseDad Ultimate Warrior

For many toddlers this has become their reality as they seek autotomy and control over their environments. Once the crying stops, however, that’s when things REALLY get interesting. It’s bedtime… yes… but even better… it’s STAGE TIME!

The following stage moves have been trialled and approved by my son:

1) Rocking remix versions of “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”:

2) Using one’s mouth to imitate one’s anus:

ModernHouseDad Fart Sounds

3) Laughing at one’s own jokes: ModernHouseDad Baby Jokes

4) Using negation to make an emphatic point:ModernHouseDad Negation

5) Bringing the thunder on the crib-drums:ModernHouseDad Wichita

6) Randomly cheering for oneself: ModernHouseDad Yay

7) Wishing one’s fans a good night and a safe trip home:ModernHouseDad Ni Ni

8) Sighing contently at one’s epic performance: ModernHouseDad Doozie

I’d love to hear about your children’s stage moves. Please comment and let me know. I will plan to do the following with the comments I get:

  1. Draw a simple cartoon of your child’s stage move.
  2. Write a 2nd “It’s Bedtime. It’s Stage-Time!” post in a month or so which will include your child’s move as well as a link to your website (if you have one).

Come on parents and bloggers… get involved!

6 thoughts on “It’s Bedtime. It’s Stage Time!

  1. Rylan has a few things he does but one phase he went through after he turned 2 was get out of bed and open and slam his door shut (and it’s a definite slam). The other thing he does, is have a light show with his flashlight. Or he calls it his “flash”. 🙂

    P.S. Great blog!


    1. Nice! Nothing like a good light show. I guess once the crib is gone there several other possibilities. Thanks for the comment!


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